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Locks have been an integral part of all the living spaces for centuries, protecting all types of precious human possessions. Anything ranging from a small notebook to a huge property, can be protected using a lock. As all of our possessions and living spaces have evolved, locks have also improved in variety and utility. We can still find the most longstanding basic locks along with high security electronic and fingerprint locks in the market these days. In addition, as with all gadgets and devices, locks also need professional assistance at times. If you are looking for 5280 locksmith in Denver, CO for any of your locks, Denver CO Locksmith is certainly the best choice. We have been serving both households as well as businesses in the area for decades and are reliable locksmith in Denver, CO. Our team of professionals is capable of handling all types of locks at homes, offices and automobiles alike. We do not only offer unmatched services such as auto locksmith in Denver Colorado, but we are also the right choice if you are looking for a cheap locksmith in Denver.

In case you are looking for best in class, unmatched professional services in Denver at affordable costs, just reach out to us on 303-357-7672 at any time!

WHY Denver CO Locksmith?

We not only have an experience of decades as a trusted locksmith in Denver, we also provide world class services at the most competitive prices to our customers. Our team of professionals is not only efficient at the task, but is also available round the clock, 365 days a year.

We not only select and recruit the most skilled locksmiths, our professionals undergo rigorous training as a part of their job. This makes our team of professionals equipped and ready for all types of prospective challenges they might have to face in emergency situations while at the job. This has made us a favorite locksmith in Denver, CO.

HOW WE STARTED OUT?                                                                                                

Denver CO Locksmith was started when we realized that being a locksmith is not a job, but a service to society, especially in case of emergencies. When realized that thousands of home and business owners have to spend hefty amounts in case of lockouts, and they need a cheap locksmith Denver, we started the service at affordable prices to our customers. Also, to us, lower price never meant compromising on the quality of services. This is why, we have a track record of the best locksmith services in Colorado with prices that are light on the pocket.


24/7 Emergency locksmith services

Lockouts can happen at any time and finding a locksmith at odd hours in Denver can be challenging. With us, you can rest assured as we understand that you can find yourself locked out at the most unexpected times. We are always there for our customers and our team of professionals reaches within minutes of receiving a call.

Automotive locksmith services

Realizing that your car keys are left inside the car when you have to leave for an emergency can be traumatizing. We are the most preferred auto locksmith Denver Colorado for a reason! Our team has hands on experience on all types of auto lockout situations in addition to other auto lock issues. We can fix all types of locks, regardless of the model and make of your car or the technology your car uses as its safety system. We can fix the car models that use the most ancient locking mechanisms or the latest launches as well.

Residential locksmith services

Our homes use thousands of locks, most of which go unnoticed most of the times. Right from your main gate, to your washrooms, to small drawers and even travel bags, everything has locks of different makes and shapes. Unfortunately, any one of these locks can damage or give up functioning at the time when you need it to. We at Denver CO Locksmith provide services for the most exhaustive range of locks. Our skilled team does the job without wasting any time, thus providing our customers best results in no time. This is the reason why most of the home owners in Denver have our contact details saved in their devices.

Commercial locksmith services

An office not opening for a few hours can have a significant impact on the earnings of the business. Additionally, any type of compromise on the security of a business can drastically damage the business. We understand the complications and results businesses have to face and this is why we handle our commercial locksmith cases with utmost care. We give our best in making the impact of any emergency on your business minimal by being swift and proficient in the services we provide.


We appreciate that locksmith services can be both, emergency as well as planned inspections. We provide all types of services to our customers. Our locksmiths are geared up with the latest tools that allow us to fix, service your locks without leaving the slightest mark on your doors or locks. All the members of our team are trained and ready for challenges. Our team also provides estimation services for new installations. We analyze the conditions of your existing locks, or analyze the area for new installation and provide you with the estimate for installation.


The team of locksmiths that we have at our organization, has hands on experience on all types of locks, be it the old-fashioned lock and key padlocks, or cylindrical locks that fit into the door or contemporary locks that make use of latest technological advancements. We are trained to fix these without damaging your doors or drawers on which the lock is installed. We provide you a thorough estimate of the time and cost after analysis, before we actually start the work. Thus, setting the right expectation and ensuring there are no surprises about the time or cost involved in your project and giving you a fulfilling customer experience.

Assured Cheapest Prices

The prices we offer to our customers are unmatched in Denver. We only charge standard prices from our customers in both, emergency as well as regular maintenance cases. You can reach out to us and check out our prices for both, maintenance plans as well as emergency services. We never charge any surcharge from new or existing customers.

Our Team

We at Denver CO Locksmith only hire the best. We know that our customers only expect the best from us. This is one area we can never afford to compromise on! We have a comprehensive and competitive process for those who wish to join us. Our team has professionals who value the time of their customers and also believe in providing quality services. We also train our team, with hands on experience, periodically about the new advancements in the field.

Fastest On The Block

Our customers have us on speed dial and not for no reason. Our team, fully equipped with tools, reaches the location as soon as we receive a call from our customers stuck in emergency. We provide quick services even on the outskirts of Denver as we have mobile vans at different locations across Colorado.


You can call us on 303-357-7672 any time, all around the year. Our team will reach you wherever you are in Denver in no time. 

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